Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!

Take care of your animals, feed them and... cook pizzas!


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Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party! is a farm management game in which you start off by watering your fields to grow grass, then feeding it to your animals, and finally obtaining the necessary ingredients to make delicious pizzas.

The game has ninety different levels in which to raise the more than 10 animals available to you, among which are chickens, pigs, and cows. Plus, you can build fifteen different kinds of buildings where you can produce up to twenty-five different ingredients derived from your animals.

The game play is very simple: usually, all it takes to interact with and use the multiple elements in the game is to click on them. By doing this several times, you'll be able to master the game in no time at all.

Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party! is an entertaining game for fans of 'casual' games. Simple and cute, it’s ideal for the entire family.
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